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I'm Kamil; I work as a software engineer and this is a collection of all things I've been working on in my personal time.

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Recently I’m investing a lot of time into developing a game server in Rust. I started with implementing network layer based on WebSockets. It’s far from being ready, but I developed a helper crate for creating detached, cancellable services.

4 min Kamil Rusin

Natural Selection and Loss Functions


Natural Selection is what allows our species (and images!) to improve over time. In this article we’ll implement a scoring mechanism, through which “Mona Lisa” will actually look like one.

5 min Kamil Rusin

How to: Security Keys

Today I was again setting up OpenPGP application on a new Yubikey. After over two years I already forgot how tedious that can be… I’m writing this blog post to create a clear trace of what I needed to do today and hopefully, when the time comes to set up an another key, it’ll be as easy as opening up a blog entry.

3 min Kamil Rusin

Randomness of Life


In the previous article from this series, we’ve talked about genetic algorithms and how they can be used to generate art. Now let’s put those ideas into action and focus on implementing the first part of our artistic toolset: mutators.

7 min Kamil Rusin

Art From Chaos


Making art is hard. Drawing pictures is tedious. With programming, however, we can automate things. The point of automation is to reduce the amount of manual labor. So let’s mix evolution, DNA, and programming together to make art that makes itself. Pictures that draw themselves.

8 min Kamil Rusin