About Tracking & Data Collection

This blog is a statically generated website; on it’s own, it does not perform any data collection. As of now, it uses two external services:

  • Google Analytics which tracts how users interact with the website, their scrolling patterns, and whether they click on links pointing to external domains,
  • Giscus which provides out of the box, fully functional discussion solution.

I do not wish to gather your personal information for targeting purposes. In fact, there’s nothing here that could be personalized in the first place: there’s no digital ad inventory, the website itself is not linked to Google Ads. I’ve made a series of steps, to ensure that data gathered by these services is as limited as they allow it to be, while still providing functionality I’d like them to provide.

In Google Analytics I’ve disabled linking your activity on this website against your Google Account personal information, as well as, Ads personalization. Google Analytics does collect your city-level location. Execute this line of code in your console to retrieve geo-location object used by Google Analytics:


Giscus is always enabled and it will perform anonymous requests to the GitHub API to retrieve article comments stored as GitHub Discussions. If you wish to comment/react to comments you must authorize the giscus app to post on your behalf using the GitHub OAuth flow. Alternatively, you can comment on GitHub Discussions directly. You can read more about Giscus privacy policy (as of this writing: b42eb85).

As was already mentioned in the consent dialog, this website respects Do Not Track header field. If you enable DNT for this domain, then Google Analytics 4 will be disabled. Use this snippet to check whether DNT is enabled:

1const dnt = (navigator.doNotTrack || window.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack);
2const isDntEnabled = (dnt == "1" || dnt == "yes");

I don’t know if this brief statement was of any help. I guess I wrote it to give you some idea of what happens when you browse through these pages and how to control your privacy. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the topic.