Generating SVG Avatars From Identifiers

When you create a new social service on the internet, one of the things you need to think about is how to make a user’s space feel like their own. Services like GitHub, Roll20, or Reddit generate — or allow you to generate — a custom avatar (i.e. Identicons) for your account. Avatar auto-generation is especially neat, as it does not require any engagement from the user. Let’s try to figure that out on our own.

10 min Kamil Rusin


Recently I’m investing a lot of time into developing a game server in Rust. I started with implementing network layer based on WebSockets. It’s far from being ready, but I developed a helper crate for creating detached, cancellable services.

4 min Kamil Rusin

Natural Selection and Loss Functions


Natural Selection is what allows our species (and images!) to improve over time. In this article we’ll implement a scoring mechanism, through which “Mona Lisa” will actually look like one.

5 min Kamil Rusin

Randomness of Life


In the previous article from this series, we’ve talked about genetic algorithms and how they can be used to generate art. Now let’s put those ideas into action and focus on implementing the first part of our artistic toolset: mutators.